Sidney Andrews / Session / @sidney_andrews / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Sidney Andrews

Sidney Andrews is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure consultant with SeeSharpRun.NET. He has a background in ASP.NET web development along with extensive experience developing applications using XAML. Sidney has driven efforts to develop and deliver Azure readiness training through channels such as the Ignite Conference, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Official Courseware, internal Microsoft training and even public whitepapers. Check out Sidney's talks on Channel 9: Check out Sidney's free Azure training videos:

Matthew Bok / Session / @mjbok

Matthew Bok

Matt is a PMP certified Project Manager, business analyst, an ordained minister, and a man of the earth. His natural curiosity makes him a fiddler by nature, often more fascinated by how something works rather than what it actually does. He uses that personality quirk (or flaw) to lead him on a constant journey of discovery down many paths, all of which eventually have led him to here, wherever here is.

Evan Booth / Session / @evanbooth / LinkedIn / treefort

Evan Booth

Evan Booth loves to build stuff out of other stuff. As an engineer for Skookum, a full service software development company in Charlotte, North Carolina, he works to solve a variety of business problems through the creative use of technology. As a human for Earth, he tends to ruin things. Given the right ingredients, a big cardboard box can be a time machine, spaceship, minecart, or a telephone booth that only calls people named 'Steve' who live in the future.

Eric Browning / Session / @browningeric / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Eric Browning

Eric leads all design and user experience work at Coffee and Code, a software consulting company out of Akron Ohio. His focus now is on helping clients look professional and modern while making things easier for their users. Before that he helped build and launch online games, worked with digital agencies, and led a local meetup group. When he's not working you can usually find him hiking trails with his wife, their young son, and their dog Pica.

Benjamin Bykowski / Session / Blog / @Sirius_B / SiriusBits / LinkedIn

Benjamin Bykowski

Hailing from a small island in Lake Erie, Ben spent his formative years accompanying his father to work at the local arcade, learning to roll quarters and play Pac-Man and pinball. So it was no surprise that he developed an affinity for technology early on that eventually culminated in a degree in computer science and engineering. A life-long fan of fantasy and science fiction, he parlayed his coding skills and penchant for storytelling into the applied application of user experience on the Web. Nowadays Ben can be found practicing appreciative inquiry and information architecture, taking the time to speak, coach, and teach on these subjects whenever possible. His wife keeps him grounded while indulging his fancy for gadgets, geek culture, and Game of Thrones while together they do their best to raise their three boys.

Adam Caudill / Session / @adamcaudill / Website / GitHub

Adam Caudill

Adam Caudill is a security consultant, with over 15 years of experience in security and software development; with a focus on application security, secure communications, and cryptography. Currently working on initiatives to make it easier for developers to build secure software. Active blogger, open source contributor, and advocate for user privacy and protection.

Ed Charbeneau / Session / @edcharbeneau / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau is a web enthusiast, speaker, writer, design admirer, and Developer Advocate for Telerik. He has designed and developed web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. You can find out more at

Michael Collier / Session / @MichaelCollier / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Michael Collier

Michael is currently a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, where he engages deeply with select accounts to help them best utilize Azure’s features. Michael is also a former five-time Azure MVP. Michael has over 13 years of experience with various consulting and technology firms where he was instrumental in leading and developing solutions for a wide range of clients. He has a vast amount of experience in helping companies determine the best strategy for adopting cloud computing, and providing the insight and hands-on experience to ensure they are successful. Michael is also a respected technology community leader, and is often found sharing his Microsoft Azure insights and experiences at regional and national conferences. Michael is also the co-author of a published book on Microsoft Azure entitled Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure. Follow Michael’s experiences with Azure on his blog at and on Twitter at @MichaelCollier (

Ayan Dave / Session / @ / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Ayan Dave

Ayan Dave is a Director and Java Competency Lead at Fusion Alliance. His roots are in building well engineered systems in the JVM ecosystem and the web. Most recently he enjoys working in the cloud, building micro services and building rich, reusable, functional UI. Ayan has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Houston Clear Lake and holds PMP, PSM and OCMJEA certifications. He is also a speaker on various topics at local user groups and community events. To learn more about Ayan Dave check out his website

Sean Doran / Session / @spjpgrd / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Sean Doran

I solve problems by combining design, technology, and psychology to design amazing experiences. It's about being empathetic of the user’s needs, balancing them with the goals of the business, and pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible. I also help run Columbus Web Group, an organization connecting the design and tech community with free Monthly Meetups and Weekend Workshops with a relaxed, fun, and eager crowd.

Kyle Dreger / Session / @dreger / Website / LinkedIn

Kyle Dreger

Lead UX Designer at Patriot Software.

Jim Everett / Session / @CognitiveBurden / GitHub / LinkedIn

Jim Everett

Jim Everett is a Senior Consultant at HMB where he designs custom software solutions for clients. He has over 15 years of professional software development experience, working on projects for various levels of government, school districts, and Fortune 50 companies. Jim has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary, and enjoys talking about the all things software with a frosty beverage in hand.

Cassandra Faris / Session / @cassandrafaris / LinkedIn

Cassandra Faris

Cassandra Faris leads Talent Management and Community Outreach at Improving, a software development consulting and training company in Columbus, Ohio. She is highly involved in the tech community. She is President of the Microsoft-focused Dog Food Conference, Marketing Lead for CloudDevelop Conference, and volunteers at several other conferences and usergroups. Cassandra has an MBA in Organizational Leadership and Marketing, and is an avid tabletop gamer, runner, and rabid soccer fan who travels as much as possible.

Jared Faris / Session / @jaredthenerd / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Jared Faris

Jared is a Microsoft MVP and the Director of Technology Services at HMB (, an IT services company based out of Columbus, OH. His focus is on building great development teams through training, mentoring, and prodigious amounts of caffeine. He’s spent years building web applications with cloud and mobile experience. Jared helps organize the Stir Trek, CloudDevelop and Dog Food conferences as well as a variety of other events in and around Columbus, OH and is a frequent speaker at regional events; if he doesn't have some conference deadline he doesn't know what to do with himself. You can find out more about him at or follow him @jaredthenerd.

Jason Follas / Session / Blog / @jfollas / jfollas

Jason Follas

Jason Follas has spent the better part of the past twenty years successfully delivering software for clients in the manufacturing, engineering, and financial services sectors. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, is a board member and organizer of the CodeMash Conference, and loves the opportunity to teach as well as to learn from others. His career has been centered on the use of Microsoft technologies, from ASP.NET and SQL Server to writing Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. Most recently, he has focused on writing web client apps using HTML5 and JavaScript. Jason has been a Microsoft MVP for SQL, Visual C#, and Windows Platform. When not working or speaking, you can find him writing a number of casual games currently in the Windows Store, fishing for catfish in the local river, or riding his motorcycle across the flattest part of Ohio.

Scott Fradkin / Session / @sfradkin / Website / GitHub

Scott Fradkin

Scott is a team lead, Java and JavaScript coder during the day, and a live coder of music by night. He enjoys making music with code and likes to teach others how to have some fun by making their own music. Scott also spends time teaching kids how to code in order to share his joy of programming with the next generation of coders.

Jeff Fritz / Session / @csharpfritz / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Jeff Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a senior program manager in Microsoft’s Development Division that delivers Visual Studio and the .NET development platform. As a long time web developer with experience in large and small applications across a variety of verticals, he knows how to build for performance and practicality. He is the author of the book, ‘Learn ASP.NET Core in 24 Hours’ and leads the ASP.NET 4.x and NuGet teams. You can also learn from Jeffrey on Pluralsight, Wintellect, follow him on twitter @csharpfritz, and read his blogs at and

Drew Furgiuele / Session / @pittfurg / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Drew Furgiuele

I am a SQL Server DBA at IGS with over 10 years worth of experience with the Microsoft Data Platform. I enjoy working with developers to tune unruly SQL and my T-shirt game is usually on-point. But most of all I enjoy spending time with my dog because he doesn't require me to submit a ticket to track our time together.

David Hoerster / Session / @DavidHoerster / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

David Hoerster

David Hoerster, a 5-time .NET (C#) MVP, is a recovering corporate financial analyst and has been working with the Microsoft.NET Framework since the early 1.0 betas. He is the Sr. Solutions Architect for Confluence, a managed investments software product company. David is the conference chair of Pittsburgh TechFest, the leader of the Pittsburgh Reactive Systems user group (, the former president of the Pittsburgh .NET User’s Group (PGHDOTNET) and is also a regular speaker at Pittsburgh and regional user group and community conference events. David can be found rarely blogging at and tweets occasionally at @DavidHoerster.

Jim Holmes / Session / @aJimHolmes / Website / GitHub

Jim Holmes

Executive Coach at Pillar Technology. Owner/Principal of Guidepost Systems. Father. Husband. Geek. Veteran. Around 25 years IT experience. Author of The Leadership Journey. Coffee Roaster. MVP for C#. Past President of CodeMash Conference. Diabetic. Runner. Liked 5th grade so much he did it twice. One-time setter, middle blocker, and weakside hitter. Blogger ( Big fan of naps.

Kirsten Hunter / Session / @synedra / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Kirsten Hunter

Kirsten Hunter is an unapologetic hacker and passionate advocate for the development community. Her technical interests range from graph databases to cloud services, and her experience supporting and evangelizing REST APIs has given her a unique perspective on developer success. In her copious free time she’s a gamer, fantasy reader, and all around rabble-rouser. Code samples, recipes, and philosophical musings can be found on her website at

Steve Jackson / Session / @stevejxsn / Website / GitHub

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is a developer, coach, and expert coffee drinker at LeanDog. He loves creating unique solutions and solving impossible problems with software. Steve is passionate about improving the craft of delivering software and fostering environments where professionals want to continuously improve. You can find him in various locations pairing and learning with anyone that's interested.

Aaron Kaufman / Session / @kaufmandesign / LinkedIn / Website

Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman graduated from Kent State University in Ohio in 2009 with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Since graduation, he’s branded himself a “creative philanthropist” discovering new ways to use the skills honed over the years to help others. In doing so, he co-founded the nonprofit Drive to Create, an organization that donates creative and marketing assistance to other nonprofits. Drive to Create donated over $100,000 in services. Kaufman also started Charity Pups, which raises awareness and dollars for a different animal-related non-profit each month through the sale of dog illustrations. He’s drawn over 900 since the launch in 2013, has been featured in Good Housekeeping magazine and has shipped his illustrations to 48 states and 5 countries. Aaron is continually exploring his role in the design world, starting his career as a print designer then web designer and now a UX designer. Currently, Aaron works at the start-up Prototype1 in Cleveland, Ohio, as their Lead Product Designer overseeing the design and experience of software projects. Previously he worked at Findaway, one of the largest content providers in the world, with its roots in audiobooks, as their Interactive Art Director. He has been on stage multiple times, including a presentation at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland, Ohio.

William Klos / Session / @williamklos / wjklos

William Klos

William Klos is a Senior Architect and Centric’s National Cloud Services Lead. Bill’s career has spanned many aspects of computing and at times has architected solutions from the perspective of data, networking, enterprise, and security – but is primarily an application architect. Most recent experience has him providing solutions around Mobility, Cloud, and Big Data architectures as well as API design and development. Bill has been involved with technology since abandoning his desire to be a real architect and stumbling into his first computer science class in 1985. Since then he has typically pushed companies into “what’s next”.

Rachel Krantz / Session / @rustbeltrachel / Website / LinkedIn / krantzinator

Rachel Krantz

The day Rachel first heard about Coursera was the day she signed up for the Python-based Learning to Program class. She has always loved building things, and the class let her realize she could do that with code. Since then, she has moved cities, helped form the board of directors for Akron Women in Tech, and started her career as a software developer -- in that order. She likes road trips, climbing mountains, long walks in the woods, and helping people see their potential.

Jon Kruger / Session / @jonkruger / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Jon Kruger

Hi, I'm Jon Kruger and I am an independent consultant in Columbus, OH. I specialize in software solutions, project leadership, and Agile coaching and training and I have experience in a wide range of industries and environments. I use my experience as a leader and software developer to find ways to create better quality software, improve the software development process, and maximize value for the business. You can follow me on my blog ( or on Twitter (@JonKruger).

Robert Lair / Session / @robertlair / Website / LinkedIn

Robert Lair

Robert Lair is the founder of LifeQuest Studios, a company focused on using software and game theory to improve quality of life. Robert has over 20 years of professional development experience and is currently focusing on mobile and web application development using Ionic, Angular, and the ASP.NET Web API. In addition to development, Robert is a published author and is currently developing online training material for O'Reilly.

Chris Love / Session / Blog / @chrislove / docluv62 / LinkedIn

Chris Love

Chris is a front-end developer for people and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards. Through his Blog, Speaking and books, he’s here to help you shake up your approach to web development while making it all feel like fun. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines and popular web sites. He has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals ranging from mom and pops through major corporate brands build modern web experiences. And when he’s not working on front-end development, you can find him spending time with his step-kids, learning karate and serving on his church's board of directors. You can follow Chris' Blog at and on Twitter @ChrisLove.

Kevin Mack / Session / @nicetransition / LinkedIn

Kevin Mack

Kevin is a developer, designer, and consultant for Cardinal Solutions Group that is focused on creating user experiences for large-scaling websites. Kevin is also a co-founder and co-organizer of The Columbus Web Group where he actively participates in growing and educating the community around design, development, best practices and standards for the web. You can find him on Twitter (@nicetransition), YouTube , CodePen , or GitHub .

Jeff McKenzie / Session / @jeffreymckenzie / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Jeff McKenzie

Jeff McKenzie has worked in software development for nearly twenty years, in both freelance and full-time capacities, as a developer and team leader. He enjoys helping others solve problems through technology, whether it's the small business getting on the web for the first time, or a Fortune 500 company expanding its enterprise. Although he started his career using BASIC on an Atari 800, he took a big detour, getting Biology and English degrees before rediscovering programming, with a new thing called the World Wide Web. He is currently Managing Architect and Practice Lead at Information Control Company (ICC) in Columbus Ohio.

Michael Meadows / Session / @AntiArchitect / LinkedIn

Michael Meadows

Michael has been a professional programmer and architect for thirteen years, and a hacker for much longer. He has served as architect on multiple large-scale, cloud-based Line-of-Business implementation projects. Additionally, Michael has extensive experience building high volume, processor intensive business logic applications. He is a Director at Fusion Alliance where he is the Enterprise Architecture Competency Manager.

Tony Milne / Session / @chmilne / LinkedIn

Tony Milne

Tony Milne is the Director, Applications Development at WP Glimcher, member of the board for the Dog Food Conference in Columbus Ohio, and is passionate about building solutions for business problems. With over a decade of experience, Tony has architected and developed application and BI solutions for various industries. When he’s not focusing on his day-to-day, Tony is learning and enjoys speaking to help spread the word on the latest technologies and practices.

Carey Payette / Session / @careypayette / codingbandit

Carey Payette

Carey Payette is a Senior Software Engineer with Falafel Software and has over 15 years professional IT experience in industries ranging from government, to private sector and utilities holding multiple titles throughout this time including support developer/technician, data architect, software developer, software architect and enterprise architect. Carey is an ASPInsider, a Telerik Developer Expert, and was recognized as a Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev from 2009-2011. She also serves as the Treasurer for the US National GiveCamp organization and is a member of the Stir Trek conference organizing committee. Carey is a mom to 3 fabulous boys, a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys coding for fun!

Seth Petry-Johnson / Session / @spetryjohnson / Website

Seth Petry-Johnson

Seth has been programming for 27 years, 20 of them professionally as a full-stack developer and architect. He currently leads a small but powerful team in search of elegant, maintainable solutions to hard problems. Seth recently took on a full-time leadership role but isn't ready to totally quit programming just yet. When not juggling Gantt charts and TPS Reports he can be found playing tabletop games, entertaining his kids, or sneaking in a quick code change to keep his skills sharp. He works from home (and loves it!) outside of Columbus, OH.

Guy Royse / Session / @guyroyse / Website / GitHub

Guy Royse

Guy works for Pillar Technology in Columbus, Ohio as an instructor, a consultant, and a software engineer. He has programmed in numerous languages over the years -- many of them semi-colon delimited -- including C++, Java, and C#. More recently he has been working with dynamic and functional languages like JavaScript and believes them to be the future of software development. He is also the chief organizer for the Columbus JavaScript User Group and is active in the local development community. In his personal life, Guy is a hardboiled-geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history, linguistics, and bushcraft. In his spare time he volunteers as a Cubmaster for his kids' Cubscout Pack and goes camping a lot.

Stephen Shary / Session / @StephenShary / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Stephen Shary

I am a full-stack developer and technical lead that focuses mainly on languages that run on the JVM. I am also well versed in Javascript. I have done development for 8+ years mainly in retail industry. I enjoy functional programming and proper automated testing. I work with teams to overhaul their projects, improve code quality and help improve culture.

Steve Smith / Session / @ardalis / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Steve Smith Steve is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. Steve has published several courses on Pluralsight, covering DDD, SOLID, design patterns, and software architecture. He's a Microsoft MVP, a frequent speaker at developer conferences, an author, and a trainer. Along with his wife and business partner, Michelle Smith, Steve was also the founder of Lake Quincy Media (acquired by The Code Project) and NimblePros (acquired by Telerik). Steve's an ex-Army Engineer officer and Iraq veteran who enjoys playing games and spending time outdoors.

Magnus Stahre / Session / @magnusstahre / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Magnus Stahre

Magnus Stahre is a software craftsman doing application development for two decades. He is currently an Agile craftsman at Pillar Technology where he solves difficult problems while coaching others on techniques and tools that help developers work better. He is also a dedicated Unix lover, having started his career as a sysadmin.

Craig Stuntz / Session / @craigstuntz / Website / GitHub

Craig Stuntz

Craig Stuntz is a software engineer and a lifelong student of computer science, with specific interests in programming languages, type theory, compilers, and math. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, works for Improving, and cofounded the Columbus branch of Papers We Love, a reading group for people interested in academic computer science research. In the past year he has presented talks at Lambda Jam, CodeMash, CloudDevelop, Dog Food Conference, Stir Trek, and many user groups. When not at work or playing with his kids, he is usually studying math or playing Irish traditional music on the tin whistle and wooden flute.

Chandu Tennety / Session / @tennety / Website / LinkedIn / GitHub

Chandu Tennety

Object-oriented. Functionally curious.

Jonathan Tower / Session / @jtowermi / Website / LinkedIn

Jonathan  Tower

Jonathan "J." Tower is a Microsoft MVP and business owner with over seventeen years of software industry experience. He loves solving problems and the creative aspects of software work, as well as sharing what he's learned and building the technology community. His current technology interests include C#, .NET, ASP.NET, and several JavaScript frameworks, as well as a few different mobile app technologies. J. lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and children, where he uses his passion for organizing the tech community to run a user group and several annual conferences.

Kevin W. Wall / Session / @KevinWWall / Blog / GitHub / LinkedIn

Kevin W. Wall

Kevin Wall has been involved in application security for the past 15+ years, but he still considers himself a developer first and an appsec engineer second. During most of those 15+ years, Kevin has specialized in applied cryptography and web appsec. Before transitioning to appsec, Kevin spent 17 years at (now Nokia, then AT&T) Bell Labs, leaving there as a DMTS in 1996 to become an independent consultant in C++ and Java. Kevin became involved in the OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) project in early fall of 2009, and after redesigning and rewriting all the symmetric cryptography related classes, he somehow found himself "elected" as co-project lead of ESAPI in 2011. Kevin also spent from 2000-2007 as an adjunct faculty member on the Franklin University CS staff where he taught Distributed Operating Systems and Computer Security. Kevin has been working on the Wells Fargo Secure Code Review team for just short of 3 years; he figures it is about as close to code as any company will let him get, which is why he stays active in the development of ESAPI. When Kevin is not around code, he waxes eloquently on 3-4 page TL;DR discourses that he posts various mailing lists or hangs out with other dinosaur friends at local watering holes discussing appsec, coding, sports, and quantum physics.

Jamie Wright / Session / @jwright / Website / GitHub

Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright is a maker of internet things with a love/hate relationship for Redbull™, standing desks, and paintball guns. He has a love only relationship with teaching, learning, and building bots. Jamie runs Tatsu, a software bot that helps teams save time by performing standup meetings over Slack.