Ondrej Balas / Session / Website / @ondrejbalas

Ondrej  Balas

Ondrej Balas is the owner of UseTech Design, a small development company based in Troy, MI that focuses primarily on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. He began writing code at a young age and hasn’t stopped. Most of the work he does today is in big data, algorithm design, and software architecture.

Samidip Basu / Session / Website / @samidip

Samidip  Basu

Samidip Basu (@samidip) is a technologist, book/Pluralsight author, speaker, Client-Dev Microsoft MVP, believer in software craftsmanship, gadget-lover and Senior Software Trainer for Telerik. With a long developer background in Microsoft technology stack, he now spends much of his time evangelizing Windows 8/ Windows Phone/ Modern Web development platforms & cloud-supported mobile solutions in general. He passionately helps run The Windows Developer User Group (http://thewindowsdeveloperusergroup.com/), labors in M3 Conf (http://m3conf.com/) organization, serves as INETA Secretary (http://www.ineta.org/) and can be found with at-least a couple of hobbyist projects at any time. His spare times call for travel and culinary adventures with the wife. Find out more at http://samidipbasu.com.

Nerdy Beardo / Session / Website / @nerdybeardo

Nerdy  Beardo

Software architect on the .NET stack, Nerdy Beardo has been programming since the age of 13, professionally since 15. A lover of the C# programming language since .NET 1.0, Classic ASP and PHP before that. Always loved creating applications and am a security and cryptography aficionado specifically on web application security.

Kevin Berridge / Session / Website / @kberridge

Kevin  Berridge

Kevin Berridge is passionate about the fundamentals that motivate how we build software, especially as applied to OO. For the past 10 years, he has been building products that make a difference at Pointe Blank Solutions where he is in charge of Software Engineering. He runs the Burning River Developers meetup in Cleveland, and has presented at CodeMash. When not hacking, he's probably playing jazz trombone or running.

Jerrel Blankenship / Session / Website / @TheJerrel

Jerrel  Blankenship

Jerrel is a software craftsman specializing in Microsoft technologies. He's developed .NET projects spanning from traditional desktop to web and mobile apps. He's a big proponent of agile development and spends his time working with and teaching developers who want to learn to build software more effectively. He's literally written the the book about agile .NET development (Pro Agile .NET Development with SCRUM, Apress, 2011). When he's not being a developer he invests his time and energy into his family, fishing, chess, Cleveland sports teams and gaming. You can read Jerrel's ramblings at www.jerrelblankenship.com.

Benjamin Bykowski / Session / Website / @Sirius_B

Benjamin  Bykowski

Ben has more than 17 years’ experience in both technology and information architecture. Prior to creating Falls Digital, Ben led a team of designers, developers, and technology professionals at a Cleveland-based interactive marketing agency. With roots in Ohio, Ben was classically trained in computer science & engineering at the University of Toledo. A life-long learner, Ben earned an MBA from Case Western. Ben is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a member of the Information Architecture Institute and Interaction Design Association. Off the grid, Ben is the married father of three boys and is civically engaged in his local and regional community. He enjoys sailing, snowboarding, traveling, reading, and is a practiced chef and DJ.

Ed Charbeneau / Session / Website / @EdCharbeneau

Ed  Charbeneau

As a Corporate Web Developer with Sypris Solutions, Inc., Ed Charbeneau designs and develops web based applications for business, manufacturing, systems integration as well as customer facing websites. Ed’s well rounded experience includes all aspects of web development from programming, database and ORM, to graphics design, and advertising/analytics. His diverse set of tools and skills includes C#, Asp.Net/MVC, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, and JavaScript. As an Co-Chairman of the Code PaLOUsa developer conference, a non-profit organization that brings an annual developer’s conference to Louisville, Ed stays involved in the developer community. Ed also continues to help co-organize the Louisville .Net MeetUp group, meeting monthly to discuss the latest trends in technology.

Jim Christopher / Session / Website / @beefarino

Jim  Christopher

Jim has over 19 years of professional experience developing complex software projects in highly regulated industries, including education, gaming, and defense. His professional drive is designing software, systems, and user experiences for automation, a theme that has earned him a three-time Microsoft MVP for PowerShell (2011-2013). Jim is a frequent speaker at technical user groups and conferences. He currently runs a small software business in Charlotte, NC named Code Owls LLC. In the short time the company has been in operation, it has created automation solutions that have saved millions of dollars for clients in public education, IT, and cloud services.

Jerry D'Antonio / Session / @jerrydantonio

Jerry  D'Antonio

Jerry has been a professional programmer for almost two decades. He's also a husband, educator, Navy veteran, libertarian, contrarian, gamer, metal-head, vim enthusiast, and MMA fan. Jerry has worked professionally with numerous languages and has built software for industries as diverse as health care, education, banking, public broadcasting, civic engagement, and telecommunications. His current languages of choice are Ruby, Erlang, and R. Jerry lives and works in Akron, Ohio where he is the tech lead for the new product team at VHT (http://www.virtualhold.com/).

Hany Elemary / Session / Website / @hanyelemary

Hany  Elemary

Hany Elemary is a software engineer/technical team lead at OCLC in Columbus Ohio, currently working on the next generation of mobile/web apps for WorldCat.org and WorldCat for local institutions. Hany has been blessed by a diverse experience from working in multiple companies (small software shops to large corporations) and seeing different releasable software strategies. He has clear focus and passion for mobile/web UI design, interactions, usability and accessibility. When there is time, he enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, Anna Maria.

Jared Faris / Session / Website / @jaredthenerd

Jared  Faris

Jared is a Microsoft MVP and the Director of Technology Services at HMB, an IT services company based out of Columbus, OH. His focus is on building great development teams through training, mentoring, and prodigious amounts of caffeine. He’s spent years building web applications with cloud and mobile experience. Jared is a cofounder of the CloudDevelop conference in Columbus, OH and a frequent speaker at regional events.

Gabbie Gibson / Session / @GabbieGibson

Gabbie  Gibson

Game developer, gamer, musician, and oh yeah, polyglot software craftsman. I am an avid fan of AR (augmented reality) and game development, which is why I was happy to pay more money than I should to be a part of the Google Glass Explorers program. It is something that I am passionate about, and hope to share that passion with you! As for the boring bits, I have been developing professionally for 8 years in a number of different languages, and multiple platforms, from back end java webservices, to flash webgames, to automated cucumber test suites and of course, mobile applications. I have been doing agile development for most of them, and am happy to consider myself a software craftsman who is interested in improving her skills!

Josh Gretz / Session / Website / @joshgretz

Josh  Gretz

As the Director of Engineering at TrueFit, Josh helps lead our talented team of engineers. Since 2003, Josh has brought his passion for solving problems with technology to TrueFit and its clients. He is a passionate enthusiast of cutting edge technologies and has some of the best business chops around. He understands the challenges in getting new tech products to market and works with our clients and our team to develop innovative ways of overcoming them. Josh graduated from Grove City College in 2004 with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and a minor in business. You can still find him around campus, advising students and teaching a class on iOS development as an adjunct professor. Giving back to the community is a huge part of Josh’s life. In addition to contributing to open source, Josh has presented talks at conferences like ThatConference and PGH Tech Fest. Josh also makes time to volunteer as an adult leader of his church’s youth group. Whether its wrestling code into submission or helping to shape the bright minds of the future, Josh is committed to leaving the world a little bit better than he found it. Josh resides in the area with his wife, three sons, and their labradoodle. When he’s not being beguiled by code, you can find him playing basketball, watching any sport known to man (seriously, he stays up late to watch Olympic Handball), or creating some tasty morsel in the kitchen. He is also known to wear shorts in December. A geek, and a pretty darn cool geek at that. You can follow the journey on his blog: CodeStuffWell.com

Jim Holmes / Session / Website / @ajimholmes

Jim  Holmes

Jim is the VP for ALM and Testing at Falafel Software. He has been in various corners of the IT world since joining the US Air Force in 1982. He’s spent time in LAN/WAN and server management roles in addition to many years helping teams and customers deliver great systems. Jim worked with organizations ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 companies to improve their delivery processes and ship better value to their customers. Jim’s worked in many different environments but greatly prefers those adopting practices from Lean and Agile communities. When not at work you might find Jim in the kitchen with a glass of wine, playing Xbox, hiking with his family, or banished to the garage while trying to practice his guitar.

Derek Hubbard / Session / Website / @derekhubbard

Derek  Hubbard

Derek Hubbard is a passionate developer, trainer, and mentor with more than 12 years of experience building custom software applications. Committed to the principles of Agile development, Derek enjoys helping teams deliver high quality applications while focusing on simplicity and continuous improvement. Derek is an active member of the software developer community, frequently blogging and presenting on software development and application lifecycle management best practices. He is a Software Craftsman with POMIET, which specializes in promoting peace of mind while delivering optimized work-process software products. You can keep up with Derek on Twitter at @derekhubbard and at http://www.derekhubbard.com

Jon Kruger / Session / Website / @JonKruger

Jon  Kruger

Hi, I'm Jon Kruger and I am an independent consultant in Columbus, OH. I specialize in software solutions, project leadership, and Agile coaching and training and I have experience in a wide range of industries and environments. I use my experience as a leader and software developer to find ways to create better quality software, improve the software development process, and maximize value for the business. On the side, I run the Columbus ATDD Developers Group and provide test-driven development training (tddbootcamp.com). You can follow me on my blog (jonkruger.com) or on Twitter (@JonKruger).

Greg Malcolm / Session / Website / @gregmalcolm

Greg  Malcolm

Greg Malcolm is a polyglot developer who enjoys switching technologies with nearly every job change. Currently he earns his lunch money developing web applications in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. If you’re wondering about the accent, everyone speaks like that in Grove City.

Jakob Mattsson / Session / Website / @jakobmattsson

Jakob  Mattsson

Jakob is a developer and an entrepreneur. Currently CTO at the Swedish company FishBrain, he's building the worlds foremost API for sports fishing. His past includes other big data companies, own ventures, developer training and plenty of software testing.

Nik Molnar / Session / Website / @nikmd23

Nik  Molnar

Nik Molnar is a New Yorker, Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source diagnostics and debugging tool. Originally from Homestead Florida, Nik specializes in web development, web API's and community management. In his spare time, Nik can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hanging with his wife, speaking at conferences, and working on other open source projects.

Alex Moore / Session / Website / @alexmoore

Alex  Moore

Alex Moore is a Client Services Engineer at Basho Technologies, where he helps customers and community members solve interesting NoSql and Distributed Systems problems. Formerly a .Net Web Consultant, Alex now spends his days frolicking with functional languages.

Heather O'Neill / Session / Website / @hlrjo

Heather  O'Neill

A seasoned UX consultant, researcher and speaker, I've seen the realm of user experience expand to be increasingly intentional and nuanced. As a co-owner of UX design firm, Above the Fold, I've helped clients increase sales, decrease CSR calls, maximize efficency and more. I'm a big believer in the "anyone can do it" philosophy, and I've led several workshops on usability testing, and coached teams to success in incorporating UX into their dev projects.

Kassandra Perch / Session / Website / @

Kassandra  Perch

I'm a developer, crafter, gamer, and catmom living in Austin, TX. My days are spent at RetailMeNot, where I sling javascript and try to make developer processes easier. My nights are spent slinging more javascript, teaching for Girl Develop It!, and re-learning how to roller skate. I'm an unrepentant JS addict, server, client, and hardware.

Chuck Reeves / Session / Website / @manchuck

Chuck  Reeves

A PHP developer for the past 14 years, I have contributed to many projects ranging from: online sweepstakes, custom CMS, eCommerce and Marketing, and Custom software. Currently I am freelancing working with a company on Google Ad Analytic's and planning, which relies heavily on statistical algorithms to build out suggestions for ad spends. When I'm rarely not developing, I spend my time playing Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Brent Schooley / Session / Website / @brentschooley

Brent  Schooley

Brent is a software developer who has been working with Microsoft technologies since 2004. His interests include client and mobile application development and user experience design with a recent emphasis on Windows 8, iOS, and client-side JavaScript frameworks. Other platforms he has worked with include WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. He is a Developer Evangelist with a focus on mobile and web. He has a passion for making people’s experiences with software the best that they can possibly be. Brent is the author of Designing for Windows 8, a Windows 8 design primer from Apress.

Pete Shearer / Session / Website / @PeteOnSoftware

Pete  Shearer

Pete has spent the last 15+ years as a technologist working on projects large and small for organizations of all sizes. He has a passion for technology and more specifically, for finding the right technology solutions to fit the needs of the businesses that are his clients. Currently, he is trying to do as much in the mobile and cloud space as possible because it's the future and it's fun!

Mark Stanislav / Session / Website / @markstanislav

Mark  Stanislav

Mark Stanislav is the Security Evangelist for Duo Security, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based startup focused on two-factor authentication and mobile security. With a career spanning over a decade, Mark has worked within small business, academia, startup, and corporate environments, primarily focused on Linux architecture, information security, and web application development. Mark has spoken nationally at over 70 events including RSA, ISSA, B-Sides, GrrCon, Infragard, and the Rochester Security Summit. Mark’s security research has been featured on web sites including CSO Online, Security Ledger, and Slashdot. Additionally, Mark is an active participant of local and nationals security organizations including ISSA, Infragard, HTCIA, ArbSec, and MiSec. Mark earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Networking & IT Administration and his Master of Science Degree in Technology Studies, focused on Information Assurance, both from Eastern Michigan University. During his time at EMU, Mark built the curriculum for two courses focused on Linux administration and taught as an Adjunct Lecturer for two years. Mark holds CISSP, Security+, Linux+, and CCSK certifications.

Caitlin Steinert / Session / @csteinert / Website

Caitlin  Steinert

Caitlin Steinert is actively attempting to become a unicorn.

Anthony van der Hoorn / Session / Website / @anthony_vdh

Anthony  van der Hoorn

Anthony van der Hoorn is a co–founder of Glimpse, and a regular speaker on such topics as Open Source, Web Practices and Diagnostics for the Web. Anthony has specializing in web and front end development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. He’s bounced between living and working New York City and his home town of Brisbane, Australia – he’s back in the USA at the moment. Anthony previously worked in the Financial Services sector developing high frequency trading systems and, in his spare time, he can be found out and about taking photos, speaking at conferences, and working on other Open Source projects.

Ben Von Handorf / Session / Website / @benvonhandorf

Ben  Von Handorf

Ben Von Handorf has been lucky enough to make a living as a software developer since 1997. A years ago he was bitten by the mobile bug and now spends his time developing Android solutions for lots of different problems and investigating lots of different technologies that catch his interest.

Mike Wood / Session / Website / @mikewo

Mike  Wood

Mike Wood is a Technical Evangelist for Red Gate Software on the Cerebrata Team. He describes himself as a problem solving, outdoorsy, user group founding, dog-loving, blog writing, solution creating, event planning, married, technology speaking, father of one kind of guy. When he's not living up to that title he's an avid reader, (horrible) violinist and gamer. Michael is one of the Founding Directors of the Cincinnati .NET User Group as well as the founder of the Cincinnati Software Architecture Special Interest Group. He is also a Microsoft MVP in Windows Azure. You can catch up with Mike on his blog at http://mvwood.com/blog and on twitter under the handle @mikewo.

Michael S. Collier / Session / Website / @MichaelCollier

Michael S. Collier

Michael Collier serves as a Principal Cloud Architect for Aditi. He is honored to be one of the first Windows Azure MVPs awarded by Microsoft and is a 2012 Windows Azure MVP of the Year for his extraordinary community contributions. Michael has had a successful 13-year career at various consulting and technology firms where he was instrumental in leading and developing solutions for a wide range of clients. He has a vast amount of experience in helping companies determine the best strategy for adopting cloud computing, and providing the insight, and hands-on experience to ensure they're successful. Michael is also a respected technology community leader, and can often be found sharing his Windows Azure insights and experiences at regional and national conferences

Joe George / Session

Joe George

Joe George is a software developer and architect. Mr. George graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1995 and has been writing software in a variety of industries for over 15 years. His professional technical toolkit focuses primarily on Java and Linux. He stays busy playing soccer and volunteering at the Columbus Zoo.

J Wolfgang Goerlich / Session / Website / @jwgoerlich

J Wolfgang Goerlich

J Wolfgang Goerlich supports information security initiatives for clients in the healthcare, education, financial services, and energy verticals. As Vice President of Consulting Services for VioPoint, Wolfgang leads an information security team specializing in managed security services, regulatory compliance, and penetration testing. Wolfgang regularly advises and presents on the topics of managing security risks and securing systems through-out the development lifecycle.

Jerel Hass / Session / @agies1

Jerel Hass

Jerel is a developer and user experience specialist by day; father, husband, and farmer by night. He enjoys bringing the light and joy that is C# to the Escher world of Object-C. He has used C# and Mono to create amazing native experience in both Line of Business applications and Video games. Jerel has a Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Information Systems and lives as far from the city as a decent internet will allow.

Josh Holmes / Session / Website / @joshholmes

Josh Holmes

Josh Holmes is a passionate soul who gets his kicks solving problems with deep fried awesomeness. He is currently employed by Microsoft as a program manager on the Internet Explorer team. Prior to joining Microsoft in October 2006, Josh was a consultant working with a variety of clients ranging from large Fortune 500 firms to smaller sized companies. Josh is a frequent speaker and lead panelist at national and international software development conferences focusing on web technologies on the Microsoft stack such as ASP.NET, PHP, IronRuby, JavaScript and more. Community focused, Josh has founded and/or run many technology organizations from the Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group to the Ann Arbor Computer Society and was on the forming committee for CodeMash.

Steve Jackson / Session / Website / @stevejxsn

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is a developer, coach, and expert coffee drinker at LeanDog. He loves creating unique solutions and solving impossible problems with software. Steve is passionate about improving the craft of delivering software and fostering environments where professionals want to continuously improve.

William Klos / Session / @williamklos

William Klos

Bill Klos has been involved with technology since abandoning his desire to be a real architect and stumbling into his first computer science class in 1985. Since then he has typically pushed companies into “what’s next” even when they're still trying to figure out "what just happened?"

Randy Pagels / Session / @RandyPagels / Website

Randy Pagels

Randy Pagels is a Sr. Developer Technology Specialist and a Developer Platform and Evangelism tools team member covering the Heartland District (MI, OH, KY, TN) for Microsoft. His expertise includes the Visual Studio IDE, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, Testing tools, and Lab Management products. He educates customers to maximize their ALM tools by explaining best practices, installation, and configuration through presentations, workshops, or quick starts. Prior to Microsoft he worked for 16 years as a developer in the IT area and has designed and developed many .Net web applications using agile methodologies. Randy is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) on Team Foundation Server. For further resource information, please refer to his website teamsystemcafe.net or find him on twitter at @RandyPagels.

Guy Royse / Session / Website / @guyroyse

Guy Royse

Guy works for Pillar Technology in Columbus, Ohio as an instructor, a consultant, and a software engineer. He has programmed in numerous languages -- many of them semi-colon delimited -- but has more recently been working with Ruby and JavaScript. He is also the chief organizer for the Columbus JavaScript User Group and is active in the local development community. In his personal life, Guy is a hard-boiled geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history and linguistics. In his spare time he volunteers as Cubmaster for his kids' Cub Scout Pack.

Charles Suscheck / Session / Website

Charles Suscheck

Dr. Charles Suscheck specializes in software development methodologies, and project management. He is one of only 8 people in the world and 4 in the USA certified to teach the entire scrum.org curriculum. He has over 25 years of professional experience in information technology, beginning his career as a software developer. Dr. Suscheck’s holds a Doctorate, Masters, and Bachelors in Computer Science and is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Professional Scrum Master (PSM I and II), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) and certified RUP specialist. An educator at heart, he has over 30 published articles and conference proceedings and has spoken nationally and internationally at various software management conferences.

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