2019 Schedule

Rooms and times are subject to change – check back for changes.

Time Session Speaker Category Room
7:30 AM Breakfast Concourse
8:30 AM Learn DevOps Or Die DevOps / ALM Captain America
8:30 AM Intro to Hacking with the Raspberry Pi Iot / Maker Ant-Man
8:30 AM How to avoid UX-traps with a deck of cards Design (UI, UX, IA, etc.) Bruce Banner
8:30 AM Azure Durable Functions for Serverless .NET Orchestration Cloud / Infrastructure Black Widow
8:30 AM Exploring How A Starter Kit Can Accelerate Your Project Development App Dev (Languages, Frameworks, etc.) Rocket Raccoon
8:30 AM They don't make 'em like they used to: Integrating Junior Developers into your team Professional Skills/Soft Skills Iron Man
8:30 AM Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Distributed Architectures * But Were Afraid to Ask Architecture / Patterns Thor
8:30 AM WebAssembly: Into the WASM'verse Web (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) Captain Marvel
9:45 AM Accessibility: What is it, Why care about it, and How to add it Misc *.* Captain America
9:45 AM Dude, Where's my Service!?! Cloud / Infrastructure Ant-Man
9:45 AM If Your Tests Could Talk Testing / Quality Bruce Banner
9:45 AM The Developer's Guide to Selling Your Work Misc *.* Black Widow
9:45 AM Top 5 Architecture Patterns Architecture / Patterns Rocket Raccoon
9:45 AM Finding Patterns in the Clouds Cloud / Infrastructure Iron Man
9:45 AM Starting Over Professional Skills/Soft Skills Thor
9:45 AM Comments are Useless and Other Controversial Opinions About Code App Dev (Languages, Frameworks, etc.) Captain Marvel
11:00 AM Data Analytics with Google: Implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager and Firebase Data / Storage / BI Captain America
11:00 AM Running Containers in AWS - Learn about ECS, EKS, Fargate and Elastic Beanstalk Cloud / Infrastructure Ant-Man
11:00 AM Accessibility as a Business Requirement Web (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) Bruce Banner
11:00 AM Testing Without Examples (with Examples): A Look at Property-Based Testing Testing / Quality Black Widow
11:00 AM Hacking JWTs Security Rocket Raccoon
11:00 AM Health: The Most Important Tech Tool Professional Skills/Soft Skills Iron Man
11:00 AM Holo world - Create your first HoloLens app with Unity App Dev (Languages, Frameworks, etc.) Thor
11:00 AM Measure All the Things! DevOps / ALM Captain Marvel
12:00 PM Lunch! Concourse
1:00 PM Waterfall Requirements in an Agile World: Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater Misc *.* Captain America
1:00 PM CI/CD - More Than an Acronym, It's a culture shift DevOps / ALM Ant-Man
1:00 PM Say What? Get better client feedback with these 3 easy steps Professional Skills/Soft Skills Bruce Banner
1:00 PM The Way of the Droid Iot / Maker Black Widow
1:00 PM AngularJS to Angular 7 Migration Web (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) Rocket Raccoon
1:00 PM Taming scary production code that nobody wants to touch Testing / Quality Iron Man
1:00 PM Hitchhikers Guide to Rocking Machine Learning in 2019: Session for NewBies Data / Storage / BI Thor
1:00 PM If You Only Have One AWS Account, You're Doing it Wrong! Cloud / Infrastructure Captain Marvel
2:15 PM "Did you get my message?" - A comparison of several modern messaging platforms Cloud / Infrastructure Captain America
2:15 PM Technical Story Telling – Communicating Complex Ideas Simply Professional Skills/Soft Skills Ant-Man
2:15 PM Deep Learning like a Viking: Building Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras Data / Storage / BI Bruce Banner
2:15 PM ASP.NET Core: Ready for Primetime? App Dev (Languages, Frameworks, etc.) Black Widow
2:15 PM Building a Mentoring Community Through Live Coding Professional Skills/Soft Skills Rocket Raccoon
2:15 PM Of Crickets and Continuous Integration Iot / Maker Iron Man
2:15 PM Building Better Stylesheets with BEMIT Web (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) Thor
2:15 PM The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical Testing / Quality Captain Marvel
3:30 PM How to Avoid the Dark Side (of UX) Design (UI, UX, IA, etc.) Captain America
3:30 PM 5 Simple Steps To Simplifying Your Compliance Journey With A Service Mesh Security Ant-Man
3:30 PM Event-driven Architecture, Micro-services and the Cloud Architecture / Patterns Bruce Banner
3:30 PM Cypress: Where Automated Web UI Testing Isn’t Just for QA Anymore Testing / Quality Black Widow
3:30 PM Notebooks are still cool...with Jupyter Data / Storage / BI Rocket Raccoon
3:30 PM Building Accessible UI with React Native Mobile / Client Iron Man
3:30 PM From localhost to production: Managing your code with Azure DevOps DevOps / ALM Thor
3:30 PM Teaching Skills for Technical Experts Professional Skills/Soft Skills Captain Marvel
5:30 PM Movie Screening: Avengers: Endgame All Theaters