This year’s sessions

Session Speaker Category
Git Back to Basics Professional Skills / Soft Skills
Deep Learning on the Edge Iot / Maker
A Brighter Future: Lessons in Cloud-Native Applications DevOps
Introducing Juvet: Building Bots in Elixir App Dev
Documentation: The Missing Pieces Misc *.*
Is This Your Card? Computer Vision for Playing Card Recognition Data / AI
What On Earth Is Quantum Computing?!? (And will it break all my encryption?) Security
Using the Repository Pattern - The Right Way Architecture / Patterns
Xamarin.Forms Deep Dive Mobile / Client
Microservices: Patterns, Practices, and Pragmatics Architecture / Patterns
Beware of dark clouds on the horizon Cloud / Infrastructure
Can Native Web Components Replace Our JavaScript Frameworks? Web
Threat Modeling on the Family Road Trip Security
Searching for UFOs with Elasticsearch App Dev
Building Great Products Professional Skills / Soft Skills
The Truth About Digital Eye Strain Misc *.*
Marten: Postgresql backed Document Db and Event Store for .Net Development Data / AI
A Crash Course in Testing with Dax and Dante Testing / Quality
WebAssembly Live! Web
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Your software supply chain Security
Life in the Fastlane: App Store Deployments That Won't Make You Lose Your Mind Mobile / Client
Technical Debt Must Die - Communicating Code to Business Stakeholders Professional Skills / Soft Skills
"Hey Mycroft": Getting Started with the OSS Home Assistant Iot / Maker
Estimating App Builds and Migrations in the Cloud App Dev
Software Design Patterns: How to implement, maintain, and sell them Architecture / Patterns
How Microsoft builds software using Azure DevOps DevOps
ARIA: A Grande Method Of Accessible Markup. Web
Improving the Hospice Experience with Virtual Reality (and Design Thinking) Professional Skills / Soft Skills
A Skeptic's Guide to Functional Style Javascript App Dev
Alexa, how much is my electric bill? Design
No, your InfoSec team isn’t needlessly paranoid Security
Continuous Security: Integrate security tools into your DevOps Pipeline Security
Building Decision Intelligence into Applications Data / AI
Intentional Design (Stop Designing by Accident) Design
Getting started with GraphQL App Dev
BlazeDown with Blazor Web
Infrastructure as Code w/ Terraform DevOps
Software Developer Pep Talk Professional Skills / Soft Skills
Leveraging Kafka for the "Agile integration" Needs of your Enterprise. App Dev
Do you know what happens to your data after you create it? Data / AI
Measure and improve your software development environment DevOps
Demystifying the .NET Runtime App Dev
How The Heck Would I Integrate Serverless Into My Legacy Application? Cloud / Infrastructure
Hiring and Inspiring an Exceptional Team Professional Skills / Soft Skills
Why You Fail to Make Good Predictions and What You Can Do About it. Misc *.*
Java 9, 10 & 11 App Dev
"Oh no, Mom got Hacked Again!" - How to Implement Good Security for the Non-Professional Security
Movie Screenings: Black Widow