ASP.NET Core Changes Every Developer Should Know

Stir Trek 2017
Day: Fri, May 5   Time: 9:45 AM   Location: Section 104 
Level: 100  PrimaryCategory: Web  SecondaryCategory: 
Tags: core

"ASP.NET Core MVC (formerly MVC 6) is a ground-up rewrite of the popular .NET web framework. While the fundamental concepts of Model View Controller remain the same, many of the underlying layers of the framework have changed. This new version of MVC pushes the framework forward with improved modularity, cross-platform adoption and web standardization. In this session we'll review: • All new project template and tooling with more options for package management • Flexible JSON-based configuration model created with DevOps in mind • Enhanced routing options to tackle even the toughest scenarios • Baked-in Dependency Injection, putting you in control • TagHelpers for writing server-side HTML that embraces HTML tags and attributes"