Benjamin Bykowski!

Manager and Tech Enthusiast at Hyland Software

Hailing from a small island in Lake Erie, Ben spent his formative years accompanying his father to work at the local arcade, learning to roll quarters and play Pac-Man and pinball. So it was no surprise that he developed an affinity for technology early on that eventually culminated in a degree in computer science and engineering. A life-long fan of fantasy and science fiction, he parlayed his coding skills and penchant for storytelling into the applied application of user experience on the Web. Nowadays Ben can be found practicing appreciative inquiry and information architecture, taking the time to speak, coach, and teach on these subjects whenever possible. His wife keeps him grounded while indulging his fancy for gadgets, geek culture, and Game of Thrones and together they do their best to raise their three boys.

Front End is the New Back End

There's been a disturbance in the Force, as if a thousand server-side frameworks cried out and were suddenly silenced... The rise of modern web tooling has given way to powerful new frameworks and tools. Headless and serverless were just the beginning. We'll conduct a round-up of modern tooling and look at how it is all evolving. Meet your challengers: - See How Yarn is replacing (supplanting?) NPM - How zero-config Parcel.js is taking over WebPack - We'll even see how a 1KB footprint idea in Hyperapp can dethrone React for JS framework dominance. This isn't a prediction of the future, just a look at where we've come and where we (might) be headed. As always, prizes and giveaways will be available for all attendees.

Time: 9:45 AM

Room: Thanos