Bobby Grayson!

Software Developer/Cautionary Tale, Stella Service

Bobby is a person, comic, and software developer based in New York City. He enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches. He also enjoys building things with Elixir, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript.

Elixir From First Principles

Starting with understanding the basic design intentions and goals of Erlang (of which Elixir is a superset), this is a quick dive into the Elixir ecosystem. We begin with discussion and examination of what exactly functional programming is. From here, we dive into the standard library of Elixir, explore its functional nature, and dive into concurrency and the built-in tooling for building projects. Once we have a grasp on the dead basics, we dive into Plug, the building block of most web applications in Elixir. Participants can expect to leave with enough familiarity to begin using other resources to continue learning and build an Elixir project that is beyond a "Hello, World.". Though the window is brief, the language's concise standard library and simple tooling make an hour enough to get a stepping stone towards making real applications.

Time: 9:45 AM

Room: Purple