Dennis Dunn!

Serial hobbyist

On his third career as a dark-matter hacker, Dennis has written code for academia, state government, and the private sector. As a polyglot, he has coded in languages that have long since died out as well as more obscure tongues such as TCL. He finds parser combinators fascinating and when not engaging with the field of computer science you will find him sleeping. He enjoys science fiction, paragliding, and Catan.

Design like Mythbusters

Do you have an idea for a large system? Do you know how you will implement your system? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by your system? Take a lesson from the Mythbusters television show and build a model first! In this session we’ll take a look at a batch processing system pulled from the world of industrial process automation and talk about what it would take to move to a stream-based solution. We’ll then model that solution using Node-Red, a flow-based programming environment. Along the way we’ll touch on some really fun topics like digital signal processing and data visualization using the Node-Red dashboard.

Time: 2:15 PM

Room: Blue