Kim McGill!

Sr Consultant, Ingage Partners

Kim McGill has supported a wide range of industries as a Scrum Master, Agile Transformation Coach, Business Analyst, Product Owner and Project and Program Manager over the last 15 years. With her dedication to building teams and organizations that understand real value delivery, she has built a reputation for creating successes in 'real life'. She combines a deep interest in behavioral science, human communication models, and complex system modeling with a deep and abiding belief that healthy functional teams are the cornerstone of all great things. In the last year she has spoken at the Cincinnati, OH chapter of the IIBA as well as at CodeMash 2018. She continues to be an active member of various technical user groups and communities of practice and advocates responsible Agile in every organization she comes into contact with.

How to Make a Dysfunctional Team Function without Resorting to Death and Dismemberment

Everyone has been there at least once; part of a team or group that has become so dysfunctional there seems to be no way to move forward. This type of behavior often leads to deep frustration and despair, as people in these kinds of environments seem to only respond to negative and often dramatic communication. However, this type of dysfunction is not usually the fault of any one person or group of people on the team but is the result of the team's inability to recognize and deal with a needed change in a positive and healthy way. In this interactive discussion, you will use the latest in behavioral change modeling to learn how to identify the stages of change. You will come to understand and leverage the decisional balance shifts at each stage. You will discover ways to help people move forward in modifying unwanted behaviors in a healthy way. And, most importantly, you will find out how to support people in maintaining those behavior changes into the future. This session will give you the tools you need to help move a team from dysfunctional to functional without having to remove a single head.

Time: 1:00 PM

Room: Yellow