Mandar Malunjkar!

There is too much blood in my caffeine system.

Mandar Malunjkar is an Agile Software Development leader with broad technical expertise and strong focus on software engineering practices. For over a decade, Mandar has ledculturally diverse teams across North America, Europe & Asia. All along his career Mandar has worn several different hats, working as a Developer, Tech Lead, Scrum Master and People Leader. He played a key role in agile transformation at Alliance Data, starting out in a technical leadership role and simultaneously taking on Scrum Master responsibilities. Presently he is responsible for overseeing a team of a baker’s dozen developers, working on multiple cross functional teams. In his spare time, Mandar enjoys reading books, going on long walks, travelling and listening to music.

Lean Communication

Have you ever wondered why Twitter has 280 character limit per tweet? It's 2018 and secondary memory is not that expensive after all... Or thought about why emojis are so popular? In today's day and age we are easily distracted by digital and social media. We have a constant need to stay connected. We are checking our emails more frequently than ever, daily we lookup viral videos on you tube, or read the most re-tweeted tweet, or are curious about how many "likes" our last Facebook post/picture has received. The side effect of all this is that we now have an attention span of a gnat. How is this impacting our ability to effectively communicate at our workplace? Are we able to stay brief in our written and verbal communication and convey the message without losing our audience? This lack of effective communication is costing organizations millions of dollars due to reduced productivity, lack of clarity in direction and missed opportunities. This talk will focus on the lost art of communicating in a lean manner. Attendees will walk away with tips and tricks that will make their written and verbal communication 'leaner' and 'crispier' helping them communicate effectively.

Time: 11:00 AM

Room: Orange