Marc Peabody!

Double Agent

Marc Peabody is Agent 0027, a remote consultant with Test Double who helps software teams reach their highest potential through writing better code and improving team rapport. He especially loves dabbling in JavaScript, Ruby, or any tech that can afford him quick feedback loops. When not coding, he can be found mucking about gaming, running, or amusing himself via any close-at-hand musical instrument.

Git Jungle Guided Tours

Hop aboard for an adventurous tour deep in git's lush array of trees. Guests who have already travelled git's well-trodden paths (add/commit/push/pull) will explore unique vantage points, learn the lay of the land, and discover customs of the git masters. Learn to navigate the terrain so you never feel lost. Uncover the secrets to recover from annoying mistakes. Give yourself the confidence you deserve. Your expedition awaits.

Time: 11:00 AM

Room: Thanos