Shawn Price!

Co-founder, CTO and upstanding citizen at Healthy Roster

Shawn spent nearly a decade in the consulting world before stumbling into Healthcare. He's learned enough along the way that he thinks he might be able to help others. He likes playing music, crossfit, being a dad and lots of other things that make him insufferable to talk to at social gatherings.

Startups! The white knights of healthcare

You've got an amazing idea for a healthcare startup! "It can't be that hard," you say. "All they need are the right tools and it would solve everyone's problems!" So, there you are, ready to ride in on your trusty stead wearing your shining armor and save the day. Soon enough the cold, hard truth sets in. This industry is treacherous, and the path to success is littered with pitfalls, dragons and the remains of those who came before you. In this talk we'll cover some of the challenges that you're bound to run into and how you can navigate those dragons and pitfalls to make an impact in an industry that truly affects us all.

Time: 2:15 PM

Room: Red