Stephen Shary!

Lead, Full-Stack Developer at Kroger

I am a full-stack developer and technical lead that focuses mainly on languages that run on the JVM. I am also well versed in Javascript in the browser and in Node. I enjoy functional programming, delivering production code as fast as possible and robust automated testing. I work with teams to overhaul their projects, improve code quality, speed delivery to production and improve culture.

React Native: lickety-split

Mobile development on IOS and Android have had historically high barriers. Many application and web developers would have to learn new languages, IDEs, ecosystems in a restricted hardware environment with long and expensive deployments. But No More! In this talk, we will show how to use React Native and Javascript to write an entire application. We start from scratch and build a live app that is usable by the audience as it is developed and published before we end. Learn how to develop an app and publish for free, lickety-split.

Time: 2:15 PM

Room: Purple