Chris Bohatka!

Applications Manager - CardinalCommerce, a Visa Company

Chris Bohatka is a passionate leader in the software development community with experience cross-cutting the entire technology stack. Chris is constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between development and design. He takes pride in delivering modern web experiences at scale, and places a strong emphasis on delivering innovation through software craftsmanship. Over the course of his career, he has assisted with transitioning several project teams to agile, assuming the role of scrum master & product owner alongside his other roles. Chris is currently an Applications Manager at CardinalCommerce, a Visa Company, in Mentor, OH and a co-organizer of the Cleveland Agile Group.

Exploring How A Starter Kit Can Accelerate Your Project Development

There are countless decisions to be made when starting a new project. Which tools, frameworks, and processes will give you the biggest head start? Reaching a team consensus about what to use and what not to use can be trying. Instead of going through this exercise for every new project, create a baseline! This session introduces one team’s approach to reaching consensus, the starter kit they created, and the ways the kit has improved their efficiency. Whether you’re on a consulting team frequently developing new greenfield projects or on an enterprise team working with microservices, you’ll see how to identify areas where your team can automate, abstract, and reuse.

Time: 8:30 AM

Room: Rocket Raccoon