Stacy Harrison!

Front-End Developer

Stacy Harrison is currently a software developer in Northeast Ohio, and formerly worked as an award-winning designer, marketing specialist, and copywriter for women entrepreneurs. Ask her about pinball, proper kerning, accessibility, importance of mentorship, or extravagant celebrity purchases.

Accessibility as a Business Requirement

As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes accessibility requirements are only fulfilled when a big client, an important stakeholder, or the government puts their foot down. I’ll walk through a specific example of difficult code getting an accessibility face lift. What happens when you don’t have tools or access to thoroughly test, but the deadline isn’t changing? What happens when your app is technically accessible, but you failed to test it adequately and accidentally break a core feature for an entire country… twice? Any level proficiency in HTML, CSS, and .NET/Razor. My goal is to make accessibility tasks more relatable for the average developer. It's something we all know we "should" do, even when national laws require us to do so, but there's still a disconnect between coding a new feature and then making sure it's accessible. This talk addresses imperfect circumstances that force a developer to learn quickly and recover from mistakes, something we can all relate to.

Time: 11:00 AM

Room: Bruce Banner