Speaker: Drew Furgiuele

Drew Furgiuele

Senior DBA, IGS

Sessions From Previous Years:

Drew is a Senior Database Administrator at IGS, and has been working with the Microsoft Data Platform for over 15 years. When he's not accidentally dropping tables in production, he enjoys helping developers and analysts write faster and more efficient queries, using PowerShell to automate himself, and messing around creating IoT devices, including trying to send SQL Server to the edge of space for the High Altitude SQL Server Project (HASSP). Drew's presented on topics for Brent Ozar's online conference and training sessions, and he's even a major contributor to the awesome open source PowerShell toolkit for DBAs: dbatools (https://dbatools.io/). Outside of work, he enjoys blogging, traveling, speaking, CrossFit, and hearing people try to pronounce his last name. He loves his dog more than he loves anything or anyone else, and isn't ashamed of his Spotify playlist.