Brett Berliner!

Architect, Insight Digital Innovation

A 2006 graduate of The Ohio State University, Brett was lucky enough to discover his passion for software development in high school, when a computer science course time allowed him to take a longer lunch. After graduating, he's been fortunate enough to work on some very cool projects in the .NET space in the marketing, insurance and consulting realms. At Insight Digital Innovation (formerly Cardinal Solutions), Brett focuses heavily on large scale application development using Microsoft Azure. He's passionate about testing strategies and building code that is reusable and maintainable. Brett lives in Columbus, OH with his wife and dog, and when he's not writing or learning about software, he finds time to play beer league hockey and listen to (mostly) good music.

How The Heck Would I Integrate Serverless Into My Legacy Application?

Exploring serverless computing can be discouraging. It sounds amazing and starts your brain spinning about all of the potential applications, but it's not always easy to see where your legacy application may be able to take advantage. In reality, both Azure Functions and AWS Lambda can easily be used to enhance applications and provide a brand new perspective. In this session, we'll explore some easy applications of serverless that can be added to existing brownfield applications, like simple monitoring, IOT integration, and large file processing. In addition, attendees will learn about situations in which where serverless computing may not be a good fit and a more traditional approach may be warranted in an effort to avoid the growing pains of learning a new technology unecessarily.

Time: 12:40 PM

Room: Live Stream