Update re: Coronavirus
Hello Everyone,

It is with an incredible amount of sadness that we share this news. You are certainly well aware of the pandemic that is disrupting events across the globe. Unfortunately, Stir Trek is not immune from this disruption. We have made the decision to cancel this year's event.

Your continued support is an incredible asset to us. Without your attendance, this event could not have happened for the past 11 years. We want to express our most sincere apologies that we cannot hold this year's event, but we have to favor the safety and health of our attendees, sponsors, and volunteers over the fun and opportunities that Stir Trek prides itself on.

What's next...

Our planning board of volunteers plans to make this right for each of our attendees. We have two options for you to consider:

Option 1: Full refund effective immediately. If you would like a full refund we will honor that. You can only request a refund through Eventbrite directly. Due to the nature of issuing refunds through Eventbrite we need to work through logistics of transferring money in order to refund 2,000+ tickets. We ask that you please hold off on initiating refund requests until the week of March 23rd. If you have already requested a refund we will decline it, because Eventbrite will auto-process them after 7 days. Rest assured that we will still honor refund requests past the original April 1st deadline.

Option 2: Secure your attendance spot for next year. You don't need to take any action for this option. We will guarantee your ticket to Stir Trek 2021, which is planned to feature Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As a non-profit, volunteer-run conference, this pandemic has devastated our organization financially. Cash flow will be necessary to secure our venue and operational vendors for next year and your trust and support would make this possible! You will be issued a unique 100% discount code when next year's tickets go on sale. In addition, you will receive an exclusive item in your Stir Trek 2021 box. If next year's event is on an inconvenient date for you, your ticket will be refundable after that date is set. We anticipate this to be May 7, 2021, but with everything in flux, we're not prepared to make that announcement yet.

We did not make this decision lightly, and we are thankful for your understanding in these unique times.

Thank you,

Brian T. Jackett, Rick Kierner, Matt Casto, Jared Faris, Carey Payette,
Brian Sherwin, Andrew Maxey, Steve Smith, Jeff Blankenburg

Stir Trek Volunteer Board

March 12, 2020
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