Update: 2021 Virtual Event
Stir Trek 2021 is going to be on Friday, May 7th, 2021. This year will be virtual and livestreamed, but we're planning to bring the same kind of great technical content you've come to expect from Stir Trek. The best part of a virtual conference? It's also free, thanks to some incredibly supportive sponsors. Click here to get a ticket

Now, before you get all disappointed that we're going to be virtual (like every other conference and meeting in the last year), we're trying to make this as engaging and entertaining as we can. Also, did we mention that it's going to be free? Think of it like a complimentary side quest as a thanks for being part of our awesome community.
What Do I Get

We will be sharing 12 different technical sessions from experts around the software development industry. It will be one single track, so you also won't have to choose between sessions. In addition to the content, you will also be able to get exactly the snacks and drinks you want, any the time you want, by walking over to your kitchen during the event. Make sure to stock up! There won't be any lines, crowded hallways, or packed theaters to contend with, and all of your favorite things will be there.

Collaborative Viewing

Even though we can't be together in person during the event, we want you to be able to participate in those hallway conversations that are the best part of every conference. Our Slack community will be an important part of those conversations. If you're not already a member, head over to stirtrekslack.herokuapp.com and sign up. There will be hundreds of us there chatting about what's happening on stage, what's happening in our lives, and what we are all working on. We can't wait to connect with all of you again.

FAQ - Sponsors

Are there options to sponsor?

Absolutely! but once again - this is a very limited event, so we don't have as many traditional sponsorship openings as we typically do. If you were a sponsor for 2019/2020, be on the lookout for a separate email from us.

What happens to my sponsorship that we opted to keep for the next live event?

Same as an attendee - this event is a totally separate one-off. If you chose to keep your sponsorship from the canceled 2020 event, those aren't going anywhere and you will still be good to go for our next in-person event. As an extra thanks, we will also be sending you a way to get in the front of the line for the same number of tickets to this event as you would normally get for your 2020 sponsorship level.

2021 Sponsors
This year isn't going to be like any other year. Thank you to our great sponsors for making it possible!
Interested in exploring virtual sponsorship opportunities? Email us: info@stirtrek.com