Past Stir Trek Events

Stir Trek has been a regular event in Columbus, Ohio since the first one in 2009. Below is a list of events and some notes about each one.

2009 “Star Trek Edition”

8 May 2009 2009 Website

Our first event, held at the Marcus Crosswoods Theater. The movie was Star Trek, and the event was based on Microsoft’s MIX event, which led to our name: Stir Trek.

2010 “Iron Man 2 Edition”

7 May 2010 2010 Website

The pivot from Star Trek to Marvel movies didn’t take long…

2011 “Thor Edition”

6 May 2011 2011 Website

2012 “Avengers Edition”

4 May 2012 2012 Website

2013 “Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 Edition”

Our first and only double feature Stir Trek!

17 May 2013 2013 Website

2014 “Captain America Winter Soldier Edition”

4 April 2014 2014 Website

After our original home theater upgraded their seats, reducing their seat count, we had to move to Rave Motion Pictures at Polaris.

2015 “Avengers Age of Ultron Edition”

1 May 2015 2015 Website

Introducing “The Box”.

attendees in line outside waiting to register for stir trek

After years of trying to register hundreds of people before the start of the first session (usually with lines stretching around the building, usually in the rain), we decided to just send you everything ahead of time and let you just show up with a badge.

2016 “Captain America Civil War Edition”

6 May 2016 2016 Website

2017 “Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Edition”

5 May 2017 2017 Website

I am Groot!

For this event, we moved to the Ohio State University’s Schottenstein Center, a huge change in venue with many logistical challenges and opportunities. On the plus side, there was PLENTY of room in the hallways for moving about and for sponsors. For the movie, we provided buses to the theaters at the nearby Lennox Town Center. And for the speakers - how many tech speakers get to say they did a sold-out show at the Schottenstein Center?

schottenstein center setup

2018 “Avengers Infinity War Edition”

4 May 2018 2018 Website

Check out Stir Trek 2018 sessions on YouTube

2019 “Avengers Endgame Edition”

26 April 2019 2019 Website

Check out Stir Trek 2019 sessions on YouTube

2020 “Black Widow Canceled By COVID Edition”

In one of our toughest decisions, we decided to cancel the event in early 2020 as COVID was just gaining a foothold. In hindsight it was the right call but it was still tough for everyone involved in the event.

Here’s a trailer for you anyway.

2021 “Online without a movie edition”

It wasn’t yet time to get back together in person.

2022 “Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness Edition”

6 May 2022 2022 Website

Check out Stir Trek 2022 sessions on YouTube!

2023 “Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Edition”