Adam Pasternack!

Senior Software Engineer - Bold Penguin

Adam Pasternack is a life-long adventurer who is insatiably curious. He enjoys making ideas into reality, and sharing the things he has learned with others at user-groups and conferences. Currently a software engineer and data strategist at Bold Penguin, he is well versed in application development. Javascript and front end frameworks have been a special interest over the past couple years. Adam helps run the Central Ohio .Net Developers group and enjoys mentoring people into their first tech roles. Outside of code, his passions include skiing, cooking, epic hikes, and philosophy. Connect with him on twitter @AJPasternack.

Data Analytics with Google: Implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager and Firebase

Accurate data provides the opportunity to understand your users, empirically validate product development, provide personalized experiences, and make good business decisions for the future. A not so long time ago in an Ohio city not so far away, accurate user data was non existent. In this session I will share what I learned implementing an analytics solution across four digital platforms—Android, iOS, Web, and Kiosk—using Google Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Tag Manager, and Firebase. I will start with the why of analytics, presenting the business case, motivations, and hoped for ROI. Then I will highlight key pieces of Google’s analytics offerings as I share experiences from exploring and implementing Google Analytics. Whether you are deciding on which analytics solution to use on your current project or just interested in data, anyone looking to learn about Google’s analytics offerings will find value in this session.

11:00 AM