Barbara Kerr!

Product Systems Analyst, Fuse by Cardinal Health

Barbara Kerr has worked in IT for more than 30 years in every capacity except for a technical resource: technical writer, trainer, business analyst, scrum master, and UI/UX. She prefers start-ups and small companies to larger organizations. When not working, she enjoys international travel, anything cultural or artistic, learning the Celtic fiddle, and home renovation projects.

Waterfall Requirements in an Agile World: Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

When the world went Agile, BAs everywhere were quick to abandon traditional requirements like "the system must...", "the system shall...", etc. But there is still very much a place for waterfall requirements and the techniques used to elicit them in our modern world. In this presentation, I'll talk through the value the BA brings to the table in any software development, with special emphasis on how waterfalls skills and techniques can benefit Agile. At least three types of people can benefit: those that used to be waterfall and wonder how to fit into an Agile world; those that wonder if their old waterfall experience can be leveraged at all; and those that don't know anything about waterfall and may want to learn some new techniques.

1:00 PM