Ben Burgett!

Product Strategy & Design @ IGS

Ben Burgett is a Product Manager at IGS Energy, where his passion for identifying, designing, and implementing solutions to true customer problems laid the groundwork for a new focus on effective product development. Ben earned a B.S. in Business Management from Franklin University and is a member of the board of directors for Directions for Youth and Families. In his spare time, Ben loves to golf, search for vinyl, try new restaurants and explore new ideas and new places. A voracious reader, he believes that the most powerful communication device we have at our disposal is narrative.

Technical Story Telling – Communicating Complex Ideas Simply

The more complicated the problem, the more critical it is to communicate it clearly so that all important players can collaborate effectively. Being able to communicate a technical topic is important and how you construct a story is crucial. This talk is aimed at helping convey complex concepts through compelling narrative that enables technical leaders to build a groundswell of support for prudent ideas. I will walk though tactical specifics of breaking down a topic for a variety of audiences (executive, sales, developer, technical leader, customer, etc) and will provide real world examples of how I’ve done this over the years.

2:15 PM