Granville Schmidt!

Site Reliability Lead @ Aspen Mesh

Granville Schmidt is the Site Reliability Lead at Aspen Mesh, where he works at the intersection of site reliability, security, and compliance. He has served as an Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Principal Architect. By day, you can likely find him building a secure and reliable platform, hacking on different systems, and occasionally doing real work. He has a deep passion for security, privacy, martial arts, exploring, and extreme sports.

5 Simple Steps To Simplifying Your Compliance Journey With A Service Mesh

Building distributed systems is hard. Building distributed systems that are secure and compliant is even harder. A service mesh such as Istio can help solve engineering problems you’ll face when securing your services and complying with requirements found in GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other standards and regulations. In this presentation, Granville will focus specifically on the security and compliance challenges that developers, operators and leaders face when building distributed systems in highly regulated industries; and show how to effectively leverage Istio to address them.

3:30 PM