Izzi Bikun!

Senior Developer at Kroger

Izzi Bikun is a Senior Developer at Kroger and has worked there for 3 years. She has had a long career full of ups and downs, which has taught her a lot. She works primarily on back end microservices and is responsible enough to run Kroger's Microservices Guild. She has a vivacious, fun-loving spirit and enjoy organizing fun events/activities for her team. She is an athlete, devoting most of her summers to play Ultimate Frisbee at a highly competitive level. She is a chef and a baker, always bringing delicious treats to her friends and coworkers. She loves doing various outdoor activities such as hiking, taking her dogs to the river, grilling out, and playing yard games. She loves to hang out with her friends and relax and engage in with ridiculously fun activities such as slip and slide hockey.

Comments are Useless and Other Controversial Opinions About Code

Almost all of us have at one point learned a Bad Coding Habitâ„¢ that is so ingrained into our processes that we don't even realize what we're doing. In this interactive session, a member of the audience will drive the speaker's laptop as we examine a piece of Poorly Written Code and challenge the habits used to write the code. We will address perceptions on why developers like to rely on comments and give suggestions for how code can be refactored for comments to be removed. By end of the session we will have Well Designed Code that will challenge perceptions on how to write Good Code and help improve overall Code Quality and Working Habits.

9:45 AM