Jack Merideth!

Software Developer at Callibrity

Jack Merideth is a recent transplant to Cincinnati, hailing from Rochester, New York at the most recent. While in Rochester, he got introduced to Deaf Society, and participated in Deaf Theatre . This experience has led Jack to pursue ensuring that the applications we work on are accessible to everyone.

Accessibility: What is it, Why care about it, and How to add it

We all know that we should "make reasonable accommodations" for those with disabilities in our work, but what could we not be considering? In this talk, Jack Merideth will walk you through how to approach your design and development work to account for all persons, whether they are blind, deaf, or neuro-divergent. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of what disabilities we can account for as designers and developers, some common pitfalls in design and development, and a few tricks to go above and beyond "reasonable accommodation."

9:45 AM