Jesse Weigel!

Senior Software Engineer and Live Coder for freeCodeCamp

I am a senior software engineer who live codes for the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel. I am currently into building things with React. I love sharing my coding experiences, including the struggles and failures with other developers. I am especially happy when I get a chance to encourage new developers.

One Codebase to Rule Them All - Using React Native Everywhere

With React Native and tools like React Native Web, React Native Dom, and React XP it is possible to share nearly all of the same code between web, iOS, android, and windows apps. With the addition of Electron, that same codebase can be used to create Mac and Linux apps too! This talk will go through some of the leading approaches and provide real world examples of production apps using these technologies.

Building a Mentoring Community Through Live Coding

Since I began live coding in May of 2017, an amazing community of developers of all ages, locations, and skill levels has grown around the live streams. We share idea, teach and support each other while working on real projects together. I would like to share my experience and offer some advice on how to create a respectful online environment where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and contribute and negativity is nearly non-existent.

3:30 PM

Leading EDJE

2:15 PM