Michael Meadows!

The reason the eugenics computer was decomissioned!

Once upon a time, a developer was born. The eugenics computer named him Michael Nguyen Meadows, because it thought having the initials MNM would build character. While the content of his character is debatable, the contents of his conference sessions is legendary. When he’s not exploding peoples’ brains at conferences, Michael is shedding "first blood" on the bleeding edge of cloud technologies.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Distributed Architectures * But Were Afraid to Ask

Distributed application architectures are complex. To a large extent, the past forty years of computer science has been dedicated to avoiding the problem, rather than addressing it head-on. The age of “internet of things” and “microservices”, however, has forced us into a world where we must not only acknowledge distributed architectures, but must embrace them. This session is aimed at equipping you with the knowledge necessary to understand and thrive in a truly distributed architecture. We’ll dive deep into the theory that drives modern distributed systems, and come out the other side prepared to build our own.

8:30 AM