Mike Goeke!

I like to make stuff.

Mike Goeke is a Sr. Solutions Developer and Director of Team Engagement at Leading EDJE here in Columbus, OH. He’s been developing software for over 5 years focusing mainly in the .net/C# realm. However, he’s been making things for as long as he can remember. His preferred medium used to be wood until he purchased a 3D printer last summer and started dabbling in I/O programming with Arduino and robotics. Nowadays, it’s rare when his printer isn’t bringing some creation to fruition.

The Way of the Droid

In a galaxy not so far away, lived a simple maker. After hundreds of hours of crafting, sanding and tinkering all while harnessing the “light side” of the droid, he finally did it. He placed the last part and tightened the final screw on his little friend. Upon seeing his creation come to life, he decided this power was too great for any one person to control. So he set out amongst the stars traveling from planet to planet visiting learning centers to teach other padawan’s the way of the droid. This talk will focus on this maker’s experiences with building the astrodroid BB8. It will touch on topics such as 3d printing, arduino programming, crafting, and robotics.

1:00 PM