Mike Earley and Rachel Banks!

UX Practice, Insight Digital Innovation

Rachel Banks has been working as a user experience professional for over 5 years. She holds a master’s degree from Indiana University in Human Computer Interaction. She believes that technological solutions will only be successful, long term, when a solid understanding of user behavior and user need has been researched. As a consultant, Rachel regularly gives presentations and leads workshops with executive level attendees. She also has been a member of the HCI committee for the Grace Hopper Celebration since 2017. Mike Earley has been in the software design and development industry for 19 years. He believes all of the things Rachel mentions above. He also believes in dragons and aliens. User Experience design and development has been his passion for over 15 years, and he is always learning the latest technologies and methods for delivering the best possible product. Mike has presented more times than he can count (so like, more than 2).

How to Avoid the Dark Side (of UX)

Turmoil has engulfed the modern web. The proliferation of dark UX betrays the directness of a user's goals and needs. Whether you call it dark user experience, deceptive design, conversion shaming or asshole design, some design patterns intend to trick, and sometimes force, the user into actions and behaviors with the sole intention of achieving business objectives. This often occurs at the detriment of the user and without consideration of their needs and goals. This presentation will discuss why these patterns exist, how to prevent them, and what to do if they, somehow, pass through the design phase.

3:30 PM