Rebecca R. Carter!

Your friendly neighborhood statistician

Rebecca is a data scientist passionate about knowledge discovery for social good. With a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, she has over a decade of experience in clinical research and modern approaches to predictive analytics. She currently holds a joint position at The Ohio State University in Cardiovascular Medicine and Health Services Research. A true blue data nerd at heart, in 2018 Rebecca was named to the NASA Datanaut corps. Outside of wrangling messy data, she is a state and national record holder in powerlifting.

Say What? Get better client feedback with these 3 easy steps

Surveys can appear to be an easy way to directly tap into your client’s needs and concerns. Without a development framework, however, they can produce unclear results due to bloat, poor design, tedium, or confusing questions. This talk will break down the development, validation, and choice modeling process for gaining actionable feedback from clients. Attendees will learn to incorporate composition, user experience, and even defend against trolls and cheaters when developing their next client feedback strategy.

1:00 PM