Robin Clower!

Junior Developer at Workstate Consulting

Robin Clower worked as a teacher before a career change to software development, but he still loves education and helping people learn something new. There are few things more satisfying than seeing a student succeed and Robin has been chasing that high most of his life.

They don't make 'em like they used to: Integrating Junior Developers into your team

Everybody has to start in the industry somewhere, even if they barely know what HTML is. Come learn tips and tricks to better integrate new members into your team from an "experienced" junior developer. We'll cover methodologies for assigning work, how to foster open and honest conversations, and how to teach technical topics. All from the perspective of a fresh entrant to Software Development. By the end of the talk, you should feel comfortable in justifying on-boarding junior developers. You'll be able to identify ways to integrate them into your existing projects and how to best help them become productive members of your team. Because at the end of they day, both you and your junior developers are interested in shedding that "junior" line from their title as quickly as possible.

8:30 AM

Leading EDJE