Russell Skaggs!

Creative Technologist @ Huntington

Russell is a Creative Technologist within the Huntington Digital UX team. Prior to coming to Huntington, he spent the majority of his career architecting and implementing front-end solutions for digital agencies and their clients. Most recently, he has been focusing on working with Huntington IT to develop and maintain a scalable CSS architecture for our authenticated space. He is prone to spelling misteaks, and spends his free time hitting fellow nerds with foam swords.

Building Better Stylesheets with BEMIT

Unregulated, stylesheets will inevitably become a mess of conflicting patches and hot fixes as each project faces fast approaching deadlines and bugs. During this talk, you will learn how following the principles of ITCSS paired with BEM naming conventions can create a scalable, maintainable CSS architecture, that results in better stylesheets.

2:15 PM