William Klos!

Director, Architect, Local Tech Lead

Bill got his start building monolithic applications on monolithic hardware. Literally. The AS/400s of the day were tall, matte black, and had an ominous “hum” about them. Since then, he has moved steadily towards more distributed pursuits. Today, Bill works primarily in the cloud across multiple platforms, specializes in IoT and distributed architectures. He also believes watching the data streams directly is more satisfying than what any UI has to offer.

If You Only Have One AWS Account, You're Doing it Wrong!

AWS makes it pretty easy to setup an account so you can start solving problems pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they don’t warn you about what happens when you start getting requests for more access to that account and more assets in that account. Believe it or not, there is actually a best practice when it comes to AWS account management and it is indeed both an art and a science - and it doesn’t involve tagging. In this talk, we will take a look at AWS Landing Zone and the philosophy behind it. We will also discuss about how to best segment your primary account as well as why it may make sense to put every environment, from every project, into its own account. Seriously.

1:00 PM