Matt Eland!

Instructor at Tech Elevator

Matt is committed to helping people (and their code) achieve greater things. After nearly two decades of working as a professional software engineer, Matt put away his mechanical keyboard and made teaching others his primary job in a continuing quest to invest in the community and up-and-coming developers. Matt focuses on building quality software applications using C#, F#, TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js, and plain-old JavaScript. When he's not teaching or coding, Matt writes on software engineering at, maintains Side.Dev, builds highly unusual side projects, goes on refactoring frenzies, and enjoys learning new things to share with the community at large.

Burritos at Scale: A SaaS Story

Software development is fun, but building software that scales to serve a large number of users takes some serious effort. In this short talk we'll follow a fictitious Software as a Service (SaaS) organization through the launch of their groundbreaking new "Bureddit" social media platform (think Reddit, but only for burrito-related content) and explore how applications must grow and evolve over time as their usage takes off. We'll cover the different parts of modern web applications, vertical and horizontal scaling of the database and application server, and tease some more advanced concepts for folks wanting to learn more. By the end of this talk you should have a high-level understanding of modern architectural concepts and how the pieces fit together, what they have to do with cloud computing, and ideas of some things to look into if you wanted to learn more.

Time: 11:10 AM

Room: Live Stream