Becky Gandillon!

Data strategist, storyteller, and mom

Becky Gandillon is the Practice Lead for Data & Analytics for Centric Consulting in St. Louis, and she specializes in data storytelling, data strategy and visualization. She is a big Disney nerd that spends some of her free time analyzing and predicting crowd patterns at Disney World. She and her husband love travelling with their two daughters, and are looking forward to being able to go on adventures again soon.

Hacking Your Vacation: Using Data for Fun

Data can be powerful, meaningful, AND fun. Making data-driven decisions can level up your family vacation from awful to awesome. In this session, attendees will walk through a specific example showing how to analyze various data sources to avoid crowds, save money, and piece together a Disney World vacation that's more enjoyable for everyone. By walking through this example, attendees will learn a repeatable framework for strategically attacking real-life problem sets: set goals, identify appropriate data sets, and then use the results to get curious and ask more questions!

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