Brendan Todahl!

Senior Software Consultant at CGI

Brendan is an experienced software developer and consultant at CGI having worked with small local companies and some of the biggest tech companies in central Ohio. He is well versed in the full stack of development with certifications such as the MCSA: Web App Certification and AZ-204 Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate and has a passion for modern front-end frameworks such as Vue.js and Svelte.

Reactivity in The Web With Svelte

Modern front-end frameworks claim to be reactive when state changes occur which updates the views at runtime. The technologies these frameworks depend on to do so aren't the most optimal such as using the Virtual DOM, DOM diffing, and more. Svelte is a compiler that runs at build time instead to optimize what state changes are possible in your app so that it can be more light-weight and respond faster as state changes occur. In this talk, we'll explore the basics of Svelte and what makes it different from frameworks like React and Vue.js that dominate the market.

Schedule TBD