Carey Payette!

Trillium Innovations

Carey Payette is a Senior Software Engineer with Trillium Innovations (a Solliance partner), an ASPInsider, Progress Developer Expert, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a Microsoft Azure MVP. Her primary focus is Cloud integration and deployment for the web, mobile, big data, AI, machine learning, and IoT spaces. Always eager to learn, you will find her tinkering regularly with various sensors, microcontrollers, programming languages, and frameworks. Carey is also a wife and Mom to three fabulous boys.

Azure Synapse Analytics Pipelines: a 360-degree view

Learn how to leverage Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines in enterprise-scale data workloads. We will discuss components associated with running a pipeline, such as linked services, datasets, triggers, and integration runtime. We will review activities and control structures commonly used in data orchestrations. We will also discuss leveraging data flows for code-free data transformations and the flexibility to drop down to code should the need arise. We will cover monitoring and debugging techniques, how to plan for a non-happy path scenario - as well as touch on performance optimizations for your data workloads.

Get production-ready quickly with Azure IoT Central

This session will provide an overview of the features available in Azure IoT Central as well as some pros and cons of the implementation. You will see how this SaaS solution can be extended for more complicated scenarios.

9:45 AM

Upstart (Live 3 - Simul 1,2)

3:30 PM

Daugherty (Live 17 - Simul 20)