Deena Chadwick!

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Deena Chadwick, author of Requirements Gathering Like An FBI Agent, is a sought-after Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author whose expertise specializes in project delivery skills such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Ownership, & more. Deena inspires thousands of people across the country in her presentations through his passion, energy, and contagious positivity.

Why Communication Has a 93% Risk Of Failure

Communication has a 93% Risk of Failure. Yes 93%! No wonder communication is the top reason given in retrospectives and post mortem sessions. Lack of trust, conflicting information, unclear dialog, misinformation, and communication overload are the biggest culprits. Learn how to mitigate these 5 points of failure. Communication is a difficult process. When you know the 5 Modes of Communication and the Effective Communication Process, you become a master communicator.

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