Joe Belisle!

Sr. Software Engineer at NICE CXone

Joe is a Senior Developer for NICE CXone. He loves training up newer developers and has a passion for code readability and a deep conviction that any literate non-developer should be able to read your code (without comments). Outside of work, he is a husband, father, woodworker, and board/card game designer.

Stop Wasting Your Time on Code Reviews!

Code reviews are often a complete waste of time, which is unfortunate because they can be the most powerful tool in software development. Misconceptions about what code reviews are for and how they should be done keep teams from experiencing the benefits. So let's clear up these misconceptions and talk about a simple and accessible approach to code reviews that engages everyone on your team in a meaningful way and starts generating results from day 1.

9:45 AM

Revel IT (Live 15 - Simul 10,11)