Kim Maida!

VP of Developer Relations at Ionic

Kim is the VP of Developer Relations at Ionic, and is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies & Security, Privacy, Payments, & Identity, is a Microsoft MVP in Web Technologies, and an Auth0 Ambassador. She's passionate about JavaScript, identity, web native, and developer communities. She loves learning from and sharing with other inhabitants of the tech space. She also enjoys overlanding and makes miniatures and artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

The Art of Authentication for Web Apps

Authentication and authorization are daunting topics for many developers. Open standards for auth are well defined, but challenging to understand. Terminology and specifications (OAuth, OIDC, JWT, IETF)? How does cookie-based authentication work? How does token-based authentication work, and when do we use different authentication flows? How does application architecture influence the choices we should make when implementing standards-based auth? Let's demystify specs and concepts step-by-step, giving you the knowledge you need to tackle authentication and authorization in your JS apps. We'll dig into the essentials that will enable you to be successful while Getting The Job Done efficiently!

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