Matt Williams!

Renaissance Person in Training

Matt Williams always wanted to be a Renaissance Person. Maybe one day he will be. In the meantime, he designs tabletop games, reads, cooks, weaves, hacks, and spends time with his daughter in Columbus, OH.

Putting the FUN back in Fundamentals: Data Structures, Algorithms, and More!

In this session, we will bring FUN back to Fundamentals as we: * Look at favorite data structures and algorithms from the 70s, 80s, and 90s: where are they today? You won't believe #7! * Discover why hashes aren't just for breakfast. * Discover the Lolrus' favorite data structure (hint: it's got a bukkit). * Discover why some searches gallop and others proceed at a snail's pace. * Face hard truths: sometimes brute force is the best method. * Face harder truths: someone has to maintain the code you write today... and they know where you live. * Face the hardest truth: CPU, Memory, Storage, and I/O are not infinite. And... most importantly... discover the BEST algorithm and the BEST data structure.

Schedule TBD