Seth Petry-Johnson!

Pointy-haired boss by day, coder by night

Seth spent 21 years as a professional developer/architect before finally joining the dark side of management. He now spends his days as a pointy-haired boss leading a small-but-mighty product development team in the search for elegant solutions to complex problems. He is passionate about clean architecture, testable systems, and bringing order to chaos. Seth lives in Columbus, OH and is an active participant in the Midwest developer community. He'll write TPS reports when he has to, but still enjoys writing, reviewing, and talking about code.

Automating your smarthome without the cloud

Modern "smart" homes are dumb; your doorbell shouldn't stop working because your Internet is down, and your guests shouldn't need to borrow your phone to turn on the lights. A smarter home doesn't depend on cloud services or a disparate array of apps to function, and it's easier than you might think to achieve total local control. A Raspberry Pi, a bit of DIY elbow grease, and this session are all you need to get started. No soldering required! In this session you'll learn how to choose and install a local hub (Home Assistant vs Hubitat vs HomeKit), which devices work best (Zigbee vs Z-Wave vs Wifi), and how to integrate cameras, lights, and sensors without the cloud. You'll also learn how to get insights into your home's data using InfluxDB and Grafana. Come take a tour through the land of smart, local home automation and stop being dependent on someone else's computers!

11:00 AM

Aware (Live 28 - Simul 18, 19)