Taranjeet Kaur!

Software Architect

I am Technology leader/ Architect , Software developer and active member of Tech Community. In my current role as a Head of Cloud Architecture my work is to transform the way applications at our bank have been designed and migrated to Cloud. I am part of Organizing committee as a track owner for DogFoodCon (https://dogfoodcon.com/) and StirTrek. If I am not running after my two kids, or lifting weights or reading about latest technology news , I am probably bored and sleeping.

Explore the Why Behind Insufficient Representation from Women in Technology

Some stats (the data has been gathered from multiple sources) - Fact#1 50.52% women in USA Fact#2 47 % women in workforce Fact#3 Only 20% women in Tech Job Fact#4 5-7% management/ non tech positions in Tech companies. So many "Women in Tech" events and "Women Hiring" drives in Tech Companies, still even in 2019 we haven't been able to bridge the gap. It's time to do some REALITY CHECK and solving this problem once and for all , to leave a strong tech legacy for future generations of women. This session will talk about approaching formative years differently for the girls in our community and how it can be a potential game changer which could guarantee that the next generation of Women workforce proudly see themselves as Technologists / Tech mentor. It will also give an opportunity to retrospect on the 'Gender bias' which exists in Technology even today and discuss on why it is a mere symptom of a bigger problem and not the entire problem itself.

Schedule TBD