Alex Finnarn!

Engineer at CivicActions

Alex has always been a pragmatic contrarian experiencing his first case of JS fatigue debugging the build of a simple static site. Ever since he's been searching for simple solutions to common problems across many languages and stacks. In his spare time, you can find Alex picking up spares while bowling, mindfully mindlessly playing instruments, or catching Criterion Channel classics.

Ditch heavy JS and KISS your frontend again with HTML over-the-wire

In the 2010’s it was all the rage to decouple your website rendering it with a JS frontend connected to a JSON API backend. In the 2020’s it’s now all the rage to move state back to the server sending only HTML back to the browser. Less code, faster page loads, and a happier developer experience. What’s not to like? Let’s party like it’s 1999 again! In this talk we will go over: - The reasons why most people moved away from server-rendered apps - The reasons why most people are moving back to server-rendered apps - How the hypermedia approach compares to frontend framework + JSON API - Examples in Hotwire, htmx, and Unpoly - The types of projects that can benefit from these tools

2:15 PM

Nebula (Live 16 - Simul 21)