Burton Smith!

Senior Software Engineer, Bunzl North America

I am a technical lead at Microsoft working with design systems and web components. I am also the creator of various open-source projects like Kickstand UI (a design system built with web components - kickstand-ui.com) and Clarion (a style framework for managing design systems - projectclarion.com). In my free time, I love spending time with my wife and three daughters, practicing martial arts, jamming on my ukulele, and learning new things (usually about software engineering)

Building a Design system

Design systems have been generating a lot of hype lately and rightfully so! They can provide better user experiences, promote best practices, and help you develop products faster. But, before you open your favorite design tool or code editor to start throwing things together, there are some things you need to identify and document to prevent issues.

1:00 PM

Nebula (Live 16 - Simul 21)