Diana Pham!

Developer Advocate at Vonage

Diana joined Vonage’s DevRel team shortly after completing her master's in computer science at Northeastern University. Prior to grad school, she had never truly coded in her life. After interning with multiple companies and creating a YouTube series for one of them, Diana found her calling in advocacy. Now she works on the Outreach team as a developer advocate based in New York. She also loves petting farm animals, trying new foods, and pole dancing.

Build-a-Bot Workshop: Make an SMS Chatbot Therapist

With artificial intelligence gaining both interest and popularity over time, Diana shares how humans have integrated this technology into their respective industries. The effects of chatbots generating more human-like conversations have led to the revolution of psychotherapy, and now you have the opportunity to replicate it.

1:00 PM

Groot (Live 15 - Simul 10,11)