Homer Gaines, CPACC!

Staff UI Engineer and Certified Accessibility Professional

Front-end Dev by day, maker of music by night with over 27 years in the field, I'm a Staff UI Engineer, certified accessibility professional, and an international speaker. With an educational background in Behavioral Psychology focusing on Neurology and Graphic Design, I focus on accessible front-end development and clean, intuitive designs that enable independence.

The Four Principles of Accessibility

While many in the design community are aware of inclusivity and accessible design practices, the reasons are still not understood. My talk walks the listener through the WCAG 2.1 and explains how the four principles, collectively referred to as POUR, apply to product design and development. These four principles specifically target areas where users have trouble accessing digital content. The goal is to help product teams understand how to think about and approach accessibility so they can build products that enable independence.

2:15 PM

Drax (Live 17 - Simul 20)