Jason Turan!

Senior Software Engineer - Daugherty Business Solutions

Senior software engineer working in the field since 2009. I've been working with Daugherty Business Solutions since 2015 designing and delivering custom software solutions. I've been working with AWS and Python/node.js recently but have worked with .NET and Java in the past. When I am not coding I will either be taking care of my two young boys or mountain biking whenever the weather is nice.

Optimizing Application Performance

When it comes to user experience a snappy application beat a glamorous one. Nothing frustrates an end user more than a slow application. Did you know that any wait time greater than one second will break a user's concentration and cause them to feel frustration? How can we create applications to meet user expectations? This class will cover all things performance from design to delivery. We will go over application design, user interface guidelines, caching guidelines, code optimizations, and query optimizations.

2:15 PM

Groot (Live 15 - Simul 10,11)