Kat Fairbanks!

Staff Engineer

Kat Fairbanks is a software engineer who loves to experiment and tinker with a wide range of technologies. She focuses on applying web technologies to help startups rapidly iterate on products. After hours, Kat can be found working on generative art, 3D printing projects, or spending time with her cat, Git. She also organizes the Momentum Developer Conference and the Cincinnati Software Craftsmanship meetup group.

A Deep Dive into Caching with Service Workers

Service workers solve a huge problem with web applications – allowing users to continue using your application even when they are offline. Many packages bill themselves as a drop-in solution for offline functionality. It just works! Until it doesn’t. 🥲 What to do when things go sideways? We have to dive deep! By understanding the Service Worker lifecycle, caching strategies, and pitfalls, we can equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to get out of thorny situations. We’ll also look at ways to debug and test your service workers so you can deploy with confidence.

1:00 PM

Cosmo (Live 28 - Simul 18, 19)