Mark Noonan!


Mark is a senior engineer on the Component Testing team at His background before Cypress is in front-end development in agency and enterprise contexts, and before that he spent many years in developmental disability support at the Atlanta nonprofit, People Making Progress.

Maintaining Accessibility in Complicated Components

Vue provides many wonderful tools for composing fragments of UI code in various different ways. As Vue developers, we spend a great deal of time working with abstractions created by ourselves or others, and as such it can be easy to lose touch with the actual HTML output of our applications. This is especially true when complicated interactivity is involved. In this talk we'll reflect on how we can use automated testing to focus on the accessible "identity" of our interactive features. By understanding the underlying patterns and testing them, we can make sure the application is behaving correctly and that our tests see through our architecture so that core accessible behaviors that matter to users don't get lost in the shuffle. We will use Cypress as our test runner to show examples, but will focus on general ideas about what is being tested, and why, not the tool itself.

9:45 AM

Starlord (Live 4 - Simul 5,6,7,8,9)