Michael Meadows!

Cloud Architect, Meme Master, and King of Rants

Don’t talk to him about distributed databases, bad password policies, bad UX, bad frameworks, or the TV show “The Expanse,” one co-worker once said of Michael. “If you get him going, he’ll go on for an hour.” In retrospect, speaking at conferences seems like a perfect outlet for his passion. Everyone he works with has already heard all of his rants; in a way, they’ve been his test subjects. Now that he has mastered these rants, it’s your turn. When he’s not practicing his rants, Michael helps clients get the most out of their cloud adoption, specializing in multi-cloud application architectures.

Ignoring Null and Five Other Horrible Things Most Developers Do

Let’s face it. They’re there. We try to pretend they’re not, but they lurk out in the open, quietly destroying our code quality. We chug along writing our code and contribute to the growing pile of technical debt, knowing it but refusing to acknowledge. Why? Because most languages encourage us to do it wrong. Handling of nulls, date/time, exceptions, logging, strings, and boxing objects are all covered in this talk. Attendees should expect to learn how many modern languages encourage anti-patterns in these six areas and what they can do to write better code through awareness.

3:30 PM

Gamora (Live 14 - Simul 12, 13)